Understanding the Chair Emoji Meaning οͺ‘: All You Need to Know – Impeccable Nest

 For example: Person 1: I just got a huge promotion at work! 😎 Person 2: οͺ‘ Here, Person 2 uses the chair to suggest Person 1 tone down their excitement and not get too cocky. In social situations where people take turns doing something, such as during a conversation, playing a game, or participating in group activities, it is customary to indicate when it is someone else’s turn to speak or act. The simple act of gesturing towards a physical chair can be used to communicate this idea in an unambiguous way. By pointing to an empty chair, one can convey to others that it is their turn to sit down and participate. This practice has now been extended to online communication through the use of the chair emoji. When someone uses the chair emoji in a message or comment, they are indicating that it is the other person’s turn to do or say something. For example, if two people are having a text conversation and one asks a question, the other person may respond with the chair emoji to signal that it is their turn to answer. - zbrq8ym8ow



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